Terms of Services


Caty Design Studio does not involve in the operation of the clients' web site in any case.
Caty Design Studio merely offer custom web design templates. The project is considered completed once the design is properly installed at clients' server and being acknowledged by clients.


All the designs created by Caty Design Studio MAY NOT be re-sold or re-distributed! The design/template is created for single-use at the intended one web site only. This is to ensure that the design is unique to each site and thus provide a quality layout for you.

If you want to re-use a design/template or if you need to transfer the design to another new domain or new owner, please Contact me, a fee is applicable.

You shall not sub-license, assign, or transfer images, clipart and fonts to any entity without prior written consent from me.

You do not claim intellectual property right or exclusive ownership to any of my design, modified or unmodified.

Link Back

All the web designs and logos designed by Caty Design Studio require a Link Back to Caty Design Studio to be placed at the footer/bottomof the site design.
The reason being that all designs/works are of High quality but significantly LOW Cost compare to other commercial templates/logos, as such, link back to Caty Design Studio is mandatory.
However you may request to omit the link back in which a one-off link removal fee of $150 (applied to both web design and logo design) is applicable. Do Contact me on this issue.

Alteration/Modification of Design

All designs which include website layout, banner and logo are custom designed according to your specifications that we have agreed on during the discussion phase, should there be any modification required 3 day after the design is delivered, it will be considered as new "feature" add on and will be charged and billed according to the work load needed. Contact me for the additional charges on this issue.

Note: New request for another revision of the design is not classified as "Modification" and therefore not covered under the agreed project fee unless otherwise specified. Due to extra time and works need to be allocated in the project when a new revision of design is requested, additional charges may apply.

Request for design/template to be re-sent

Once the design is delivered to you, which you are responsible for backing up all the files on your local computer.
Should you in the future require the files to be re-sent to you again, a fee from $450 per design(depending on the complexity of the design) is applicable.


Caty Design Studio CANNOT offer a refund once the design is delivered to you, which you are responsible for understanding upon purchasing the design from us.
Please make sure that you've carefully read the related FAQ and Terms section for what the end product will be and the agreement set before the purchase.
The reason for this policy is because Caty Design Studio offer non-tangible irrevocable goods and you will have the full access to all the customized digital materials that are delivered to you, as such, the products cannot be returned.